Finding Bedroom Colour Schemes That Work

A yellow bed sitting in a neutral bedroomA yellow bed sitting in a neutral bedroom

When was the last time you changed up the colours in your bedroom? For many of us, we wager it’s been a minute. In a world filled with white bedroom walls (or a light neutral if you’re feeling fancy), trending bedroom colours can often fall by the wayside. And for those of us who are ready to take the plunge into colourful bedroom decor, you might be wondering where the best place is to start. Our answer? With your bedding.

When it comes to styling a colourful bedroom, your bed is the star of the show — they are the room’s namesake, after all. With so many layers and pieces to play with, there’s endless options for creating a cohesive colour scheme through your bedding. To provide some colourful bedroom inspiration, we’re going to run through a few of our favourite colour combinations. But before we get into mixing and matching, let’s provide a little context.

In the world of colour combinations, there’s three key approaches. We’ll start from simplest and work our way up to most complex:

Tonal: A tonal palette consists of one hero colour, styled in multiple shades. Alternating between lighter and darker shades gives you a monochromatic look with lots of dimension.

Harmonious: To delve into harmonious colour schemes, we must consult our close friend, the colour wheel. A harmonious palette is made up of shades that sit next to each other on the colour wheel — like blue and teal, for example.

Contrasting: A contrasting colour palette (also known as complementary) utilises colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. This approach is helpful when combining shades from different colour families, to help make sure everyone will play nicely together.

Now that we’ve got the basics of colour theory down, we’re ready to find the bedroom colour palette of your dreams (in this case, literally). To get your creativity flowing, here’s some of our top picks for the best bedroom colour combinations.

Sunny Neutrals

Close-up image of brown cushions on a yellow bedClose-up image of brown cushions on a yellow bed
Close-up image of yellow sheetsClose-up image of yellow sheets

If you want to inject some playful energy into your space, you can’t go past yellow. You already know we’re fans of all things dopamine decor, and this colour combo is no exception.

An instant mood booster, layers of yellow bedding make for an impactful tonal look that’s sure to brighten up your space. If you want to add some variety into the mix, neutral shades like taupe and soft brown work beautifully in this scenario. These grounded hues bring a soothing effect that’s perfect for a bedroom setting. If you’ve ever heard of the term mellow yellow — this may just be the definition.

The hero of this look is our Reilly Chambray Collection in yuzu, a zippy citrus shade. Style the Reilly Quilt Cover Set and Sheet Set as your base and accessorise from there. For our neutral additions, we love the Westbourke Cushion in flax and the Wrenn Cushion in mocha. For added dimension, our Pategos Throw in yuzu brings depth and texture to our hero colour.

Mix Warm & Cool

A blue and orange floral bed sits in a neutral bedroomA blue and orange floral bed sits in a neutral bedroom

If you’re the kind of person who likes to level up the drama, this complementary colour pairing might be for you. Opposites on the colour wheel, orange and teal are a seemingly unlikely pairing that works oh-so well. Both hailing from the jewel tone family, this combination is rich and vivid in colour — deep teal brings an intimate and cosy feel to your bedroom, while pops of burning orange bring it to life.

To style this look, start with our Solene Quilt Cover Set. Finished in a vintage-inspired floral, this design is made modern with our contrasting palette. Pair with the coordinating European pillowcase and our dual-toned Dustan cushion to complete the ensemble.

Classic All-White

Close-up image of white cotton matelasse fabricClose-up image of white cotton matelasse fabric
A white bed in a neutral bedroomA white bed in a neutral bedroom

For fans of timeless decor, may we direct your attention to an all-white look. The original monochromatic look, all-white bedding lends a bright and crisp finish to your bedroom. Its light-reflecting abilities make this a perfect option for those of us working with a smaller space, or less natural light. All you need is some savvy styling tips, and an all-white bedroom look can be just as impactful as its colourful counterparts.

When styling white bedding, it’s important to add dimension by playing up textures. We recommend starting with a design like the Nyah Quilt Cover. Crafted with cotton matelassé, its intricate floral pattern steals the show — no additional colours necessary. Pair with some quality white sheets, and a decorative addition like our Salton Cushion to finish the look with a pop of contrasting texture.

Fresh Green & White

A green and white striped bedA green and white striped bed

Love the fresh bedroom feel, but looking to incorporate some colour? We’ve got you. Conjuring up thoughts of crisp peppermint and freshly cut grass, green and white is a colour combination that leaves us feeling rejuvenated. For a modern and upbeat look, we love pairing these colours together through stripes and geometric patterns.

The Reilly Stripe Quilt Cover Set and Sheet Set in snow pea make up the base for our green and white look — we love the contrast of the crisp colours and soft hand-feel. Pairing with the Ostan Cushion in snow pea and Koda Cushion in multi creates a harmonious look with punchy geometric accents.

Combine Green & Pink

The side of a green floral bed, a plaid cushion sits on topThe side of a green floral bed, a plaid cushion sits on top
A plaid cushion on top of a green floral bedA plaid cushion on top of a green floral bed

Another contrasting combination, green and pink are a match made in bedroom decor heaven. We all know that green bedroom decor is having a moment right now, and we couldn’t be more on board. Like bringing a slice of nature indoors, styling green in the bedroom invites a sense of calm and rejuvenation. Pairing this with shades of pink works as naturally as flowers blooming in a field — which is to say, very naturally.

To further emphasise this point, we’ve chosen the Inez Quilt Cover Set as the hero of our green and pink bedding. Its lush green base is dotted with small pink florals; leaving your bedroom feeling like a blooming meadow. We’ve paired it with the Holt Cushion, finished in an oversized check for ultimate picnic vibes.

9 months ago