Our Considered Fibre Series: Hemp

Our Considered Fibres: Hemp

A plant-derived fibre that boasts a textured feel and appearance. Similar durability and longevity to linen.

The Fabric

Hemp is classified as a type of bast fibre; it’s obtained from the stem of the hemp plants.

Robust, versatile and durable, it’s renowned for its strength. Offering good breathability during summer months. With a distinctive texture, it can be blended with other fibres.

The Process

1. Seed: Seeds of the hemp plant are sown a few centimetres apart

2. Farming: Tall, quick growing, straight stocks are produced

3. Harvesting: Occurs early on in the plant development cycle

4. Retting: A process that extracts the bast fibre the stalk, separating it from the plant stems

5. Fabric: Additional process remove fibres from core, before being combed and spun

The Feel

Low-maintenance, hemp is perfect for those who prefer a laid-back aesthetic. When combined with a plant-derived counterpart like cotton — seen in our Esra collection — it results in a smoother handfeel, with a weave that boasts body and texture. 

2 years ago