Our Considered Fibre Series: Leftover Cotton Yarn

Our Considered Fibres: Leftover Cotton Yarn

Originally deriving from the cotton plant, when it comes to leftover cotton yarn — it’s all in the name.

The Fibre

Leftover cotton yarn is cotton that has gone through the spinning process but has not yet been crafted into a fabric. A solution that diverts waste, leftover yarns from the production of other textiles are collected and eventually fashioned into a new product. 

The Process

Collect: Suppliers collect cotton yarn leftover from production of other textile products

Repurpose: Yarns are crafted into fabric, which could include a knit or weave 

Construction: Whether through pattern or process, the fabric is crafted into a product

Finished: Last elements are added — embroidery, embellishment, hemming — and product is completed

The Feel

Just like how cotton boasts a variety of feels, so does leftover cotton — it’s all dependent on construction.

Oaky, a loveable friend for all, is knitted; soft and cuddly, ready to be squeezed and loved by your little one. Cancun, woven with a multitude of colours, is superbly soft and absorbent.

1 year ago