Our Considered Fibre Series: Linen

Our Considered Fibres: Linen

Linen needs little introduction. It’s known and loved for its beautiful qualities that stand the test of time.

The Fabric

Our 100% Belgian flax linen is crafted from fibres derived from the flax plant. It’s a strong fabric that ages beautifully, and has the ability to breathe and assist with temperature regulation. Renowned for its longevity, linen is a more sustainable fabric choice because it can stand the test of time with the correct level of care.

The Process

1. Seed: Flax plants are sown densely and uniformly

2. Farming: Stalks grow straight, resist wind, produce long fibres

3. Harvesting: Pulled from the ground with roots, preserving full length of fibre

4. Retting: A process that eliminates pectin (binds fibres with plant stalks woody matter)

5. Fabric: Fibres and woods are separated, fibres are then combed and spun into yarn

The Feel

Linen becomes better, softer and more comfortable with age. Its softness, breathability and relaxed aesthetic make it the perfect choice for bedding across every season.

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