Our Considered Fibre Series: Recycled Polyester

Our Considered Fibres: Recycled Polyester

An alternative to virgin polyester, recycled polyester helps reclaim plastic waste and make treasure from trash — while using less energy than its counterpart.

The Fabric

Sheridan uses recycled polyester from recycled plastic bottles (rPET); known as recycled polyethylene tetraphyte. Recycled polyester is functionally versatile, durable and strong.

The Process

1. Sorting: Plastic (PET) bottles are sorted, separated, sterilised, cleaned, dried with all secondary materials removed

2. Grinding: Ground into small chips, they’re heated and dried to remove moisture

3. Filtering: Melted down, the liquid is filtered through tiny holes in a dye plate

4. Fibre: Filaments are hardened, sent over air rollers, spooled and stretched

5. Fabric: Is knitted or woven into fabric

The Feel

Primarily used as a fill or wadding across our decorate, bedding, kids & baby categories, recycled polyester helps provide some stability and loft, for comfort. We also use it as a fabric outer for a plush touch, and as woven yarn. Our Martella collection — crafted wholly from recycled polyester — is lightweight and soft, adding warmth. 

1 year ago