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4 Reasons You Need Flannelette Bedding for Winter

winter sheet material. styled shot of sheridan jennings flannelette quilt cover set, checked design.winter sheet material. styled shot of sheridan jennings flannelette quilt cover set, checked design.

Nothing is better than snuggling in bed with a warm beverage and a good movie in the winter. It’s also undeniable… Winter sleep-ins are simply better than summer sleep-ins. One thing can elevate your winter sleeping routine like nothing else — enter flannelette bedding. 

If we’re being honest, they really are the best sheets for winter, effortlessly helping you build a toasty warm bed. 

What are Flannelette Sheets?

Flannelette sheets are sheets made from 100% brushed cotton fabric. Basically, the cotton fabric is brushed on one or sometimes both sides, creating a super soft, fuzzy and plush material that feels extra warm against the skin. 

Many people change their bedding to a flannelette option in cooler weather, as it provides warmth and insulation. However, despite flannelette fabric's heat-retaining properties, it remains super breathable, allowing you to have a comfy night's sleep. All in all, flannelette is the perfect winter sheet material.

The Benefits of Flannelette Sheets

They're Super Soft

Due to the brushing that occurs when creating flannelette, this fabric is irresistibly soft. The brushed cotton has a softness unlike other sheets, ideal for a night of cosy winter sleep.

It's Nice & Warm

Flannelette is known for its heat-retaining properties, making them the cosiest cool weather addition to your bed. The brushing process creates small pockets of air in the fabric; these pockets trap heat and provide insulation. 

On top of this, flannelette sheets are generally thicker than other sheets, making them the best sheets for winter, guaranteed to keep you snug.

Good Value

Flannelette sheets are definitely a worthwhile investment, offering comfort and cosiness all winter long. The right care can extend their life for many years, making them an affordable and comfortable investment.

Easy to Care For

Flannelette sheets are quite easy to care for; they just need a little love to ensure they last you well into the future — just make sure you follow the instructions on the care label.

best sheets for winter. overhead shot of two sheridan flannelette sheet sets, one in green one in sheets for winter. overhead shot of two sheridan flannelette sheet sets, one in green one in pink.

The Best Flannelette Offerings for This Winter

If you are ready for the cosiest night’s sleep, we have some of the best flannelette options out. Looking for extra tips for building the warmest bed this winter? Check out how to layer your bed for winter.

Flannelette Sheet Set in Spiced Bloom 

Add a touch of pink to your toasty winter bedding (Elle Woods would be proud) with our spiced bloom selection. This piece is ideal for keeping you cosy and adding versatile styling options to your bedroom. 

If pink isn’t for you, this cosy sheet set also comes in a green tea shade, classic white, and an array of other shades, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fit for your bedroom.

Flannelette Jennings Sheet Set

Invite pattern play into the bedroom with our Jennings Sheet Set; sporting a classic winter look, this set is perfect for seasonal styling. This modern check design is ideal for a mix-and-match moment or to create a coordinated statement with a matching quilt cover.

Flannelette Quilt Cover Set 

For an extra layer of warmth this winter, consider adding a flannelette quilt cover set to your bedding ensemble. Boasting the same modern check design as the Jennings sheet set — coordinate together for the dreamiest winter bedding.

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