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The Best Bedding to Keep Warm in Winter

best bedding for winter. stacked, rolled, folded quilts on a wooden bench, in a white bedding for winter. stacked, rolled, folded quilts on a wooden bench, in a white room.

The weather outside might be frightful, and baby it may be cold outside, but one thing those two classic festive songs forgot to mention is that you can stay toasty and warm even as temperatures drop. That is — if you know how to layer a bed for winter, of course.

We’ve talked before about the best bedding to keep you cool in summer, and now it’s time for how to keep your bed warm in winter, with all of the best winter bedding options.

From winter quilts to winter bed sheets, bed toppers to blankets, these are all the essentials you need for the cosiest winter bed ever. Get ready to hibernate; just make sure to bring a good book, hot choccie, and a queued-up Netflix with you — you may never leave.

1. Start From the Base

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, a topper or underlay is for you. Not only do they bring new life to a tired mattress, but they can also help provide warmth — the best bedding for winter starts from the foundations.

Wool and feather and down are two fibres we recommend when it comes to winter bedding. It’s safe to say wool is renowned for being great for winter — think of all those wool jumpers, coats and scarves — due to its insulating properties. 

It’s why our Deluxe Wool Underlay makes for a great option for winter, with one side being soft wool fleece crafted from 100% Australian wool fleece. And if you picked up on the “one side” of it all, yep, the other side can be used for summer — bedding that keeps you comfortable year-round, what a dream.

Down is renowned for the warmth it provides in particularly frigid temperatures (think down jackets), and when combined with feathers, keeps you warm and comfortable. Oh, and it’s super soft — as is our Ultimate Dream Feather & Down Bed Topper.

Not to worry if you’re a sensitive sleeper, we also have winter topper offerings for you. The Deluxe Dream Bed Topper is a feather and down alternative that still provides softness and luxury.

winter bedding. close up of wool mattress topper.winter bedding. close up of wool mattress topper.

2. Switch Out Your Sheets

To achieve the ultimate in winter bedding, it’s time to go out with the old and bring in the new, specifically flannelette sheets; we feel toasty warm just thinking about them. 

When it comes to the best bed sheets for winter, there’s no looking past flannelette. A classic winter staple, these cosy bed sheets are crafted from soft woven cotton yarn that's brushed for an incredibly soft feel. Insulating, they’re the perfect partner for winter — while remaining breathable to boot.

For those who are looking for flannelette in a single shade, our Flannelette Sheet Set is ideal. A classic offering, choose from a variety of colours to suit your already existing bedroom aesthetic while adding next-to-skin softness and warmth. Looking to match your quilt cover to your sheet set? With a modern take on classic checks, Jennings answers all your questions. Available in both a sheet set and a quilt cover set, you’ll be cosy all winter long.

3. Add Warmth With a Quilt

As Game of Thrones said, winter is coming. And what’s more of a sign that it is than huddling up under your quilt, desperate for more warmth? Or, if it gets really tough — well, the tough get to swaddling themselves in their quilt like a giant burrito, regardless of the time of day. 

Luckily for you, we have a range of quilts that are particularly well suited for winter, crafted from some of our favourite winter fibres — feather and down, and wool. There’s no huddling or craving extra warmth under these offerings; these best quilts for winter help provide all the warmth you need.

Cosy up underneath the Pure Indulgence 85/15 White Goose Down & Feather Quilt; filled with 85% white goose down, and 15% white goose feather. The luxurious down count ensures warm insulation and is super soft to sleep underneath. For an even warmer option, our other Pure Indulgence Quilt contains 95% white goose down, and 5% white goose feather — but it's still very lightweight.

Living in a cold climate? With the Deluxe Australian Wool Super Warm Quilt — well, the name gives it away upfront; it’s one of our warmest quilts for winter, and boasts a heavy weight. This quilt is super warm, but still breathable — filled with 100% Australian wool.

how to keep your bed warm in winter. feather and down quilt laid on bed with grey headboard, in room with grey walls and to keep your bed warm in winter. feather and down quilt laid on bed with grey headboard, in room with grey walls and floor.

4. Layer With Blankets

When it comes to how to keep your bed warm in winter, you can’t look past blankets. Whether tucked between your flat sheet and quilt, or layered on top of your winter bedding as a throw, they’re the perfect finishing touch for your best winter bedding.

If you like having a blanket layered between your bedding, the Classic Wool Blanket is just that — a classic. A staple for winter, and crafted with Australian wool, it’s breathable and insulating. Available in two shades, it’s also stylish enough to be layered on the foot of your bed.

Another winter bed blanket that’s easy to style is the Clara Wool Blanket (you can figure out what it’s crafted with). A contemporary take on a classic, it features a subtle contrast pattern, with hints of charcoal throughout. The brushed yarn means it's super soft against the skin; the perfect additional layer.

5. Layer With Extra Flat Sheets

While you are busy layering, another way to help trap the warmth in your bed is to layer with extra flat sheets. Combined with your existing bedding, an additional flat sheet can make a big difference to your overall warmth. 

We recommend placing one flat sheet below a blanket and one on top, replicating a duvet and placing this sandwiched layer on the top of your bed. The extra layers will provide you with insulation fit for freezing cold nights. 

6. Put The Heater on in The Bedroom

It has to be said, to keep your bed cosy, you want to be keeping your bedroom cosy too. Consider putting the heater on (or reverse air conditioning) within your bedroom for super cool nights. 

Heating the entire house can be expensive and perhaps a little unnecessary to keep your whole space warm just for those few bathroom runs. So just focus on the bedroom, creating a warm and cosy temperature for you to snooze in.

best sheets for winter. check flannelette sheets are styled on a bed, in beige sheets for winter. check flannelette sheets are styled on a bed, in beige bedroom.

7. Slip Into Cosy Pyjamas (Don’t Forget Socks)

Hey… how you sleep in summer is your business. But winter may require a little extra layering. 

If you’re looking for the cosiest pyjamas, our Merla Sleep Set offers a relaxed silhouette, ideal for catching some Z’s. Don’t forget to have a snuggly robe and pair of slippers right by your bed for any middle-of-the-night escapades. 

We recommend coordinating our Cocoon Robe with our Cocoon Slippers for the ultimate comfort. But be warned; the robe is unisex, and thievery within the household is not uncommon with this design.

8. Bring a Hot Water Bottle to Bed

This one doesn’t have anything to do with bedding, but a hot water bottle is a godsend when it comes to keeping your bed warm in winter. Some people like to keep a hot water bottle towards the end of the bed to keep their feet cosy! 

Hot water bottles are also great for pain relief, promoting relaxation and helping to alleviate muscle pain and cramps. So they make for the ideal bed partner for that time of the month. 

9. Reposition Your Bed

If you want to maximise heat retention, repositioning your bed can help keep you cosy during the cooler months. Moving away from windows can help keep your bed warmer, especially if it isn’t properly insulated. 

Another tip — exterior walls tend to be colder than interior walls, so where possible, lean your bed against an interior wall

how to layer a bed for winter. butter coloured wool throw is stylishly thrown on boucle to layer a bed for winter. butter coloured wool throw is stylishly thrown on boucle couch.

10. Top it Off With a Bed Cover or Throw

Getting dressed for winter is all about the layers, and your bed is no different. The cherry on top of your winter bed? A cosy throw, or just a whole bed cover. It’s like the scarf, beanie and mittens of the bedding world — the perfect winter accessory that really does make a difference in keeping you warm. 

A bed cover can add a bit more weight if that’s your style, whereas a throw is generally a bit lighter and easier for a nonchalant look.

11. Share your bed!

Body heat makes a difference on a cold winter's night. Plus, is there anything more appealing than a movie night in the cold or a lazy morning with hot mugs all snuggled up? So, take it from us, cuddle up to a loved one or furry friend, and keep warm this winter.

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