Sweet Spot: Three Ways to Style Your Bedroom With Polka Dots

polka dot bedding pattern neutral colourpolka dot bedding pattern neutral colour

What do you think of when you hear — or read — the words ‘polka dot’?

If you’re a dog person, perhaps you think of a dalmatian. A Disney fan? Maybe it’s 101 Dalmatians for you or even just Minnie Mouse. They’ve famously been worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. 

For all you superhero obsessives, there’s the Polka-Dot Man in DC Comics. More of a music person? Let’s not forget Prince donning polka-dot suits throughout his 1988 Lovesexy tour. And for you art aficionados, there’s Yayoi Kusama.

Our point? Polka dots are an iconic pattern — with “endearing associations and positive perceptions”, according to Psychology Today. 

And it’s one that’s easy to add into your home, all through polka dot bedding. Whether it’s our Esra collection with its contrasting-sized spots and unique geometric pattern, or Abbotson Spot, with its jacquard textured dots. 

If you’re stuck for how-to styling ideas, we’ve got three ways you can incorporate polka dots into your bedroom — from classic to contemporary to adventurous.

monochrome black white polka dot hemp cotton bed covermonochrome black white polka dot hemp cotton bed cover

#1: Modern Monochrome Bedroom Styling

Black and white may sound classic — and some may read: boring — but with bedding like Esra, it’s anything but. Thanks to its innovative weave, twill texture, and utilising of a hemp-cotton blend, it already boasts a textured feel and appearance. And its engineered panel design adds variation to your standard polka dot. In fact, it’s both modern and bold. 

Layer with the bed cover from the same collection — which allows for playing with scale on a single bed. The pillowcases and Euros make it truly eye-catching.

Or if you’re looking to showcase the quilt cover on its own, pair back with neutrals in flax and carbon — Abbotson sheeting in light neutrals, and Euros and blankets in dark, rich shades. 

Truly make your bed the centrepiece of the room with stark accessories that continue the monochromatic look. Metal frame bedside tables, a single bulb standing lamp in a matte black, a white jute or boucle rug.

neutral quilt cover pillowcase cushion navy sheets metallic polka dot detailsneutral quilt cover pillowcase cushion navy sheets metallic polka dot details

#2: Scandi-Style Cool

If you’re looking for Scandi-style cool — contemporary and relaxed — look to Abbotson Spot. But first, let’s go into what Scandi-style actually is.

As the name suggests, it’s Scandinavian interior design. It’s minimalist, light, airy yet warm — think uncluttered spaces, neutral shades, wooden tones, inviting textures and natural light.

So how does Abbotson Spot fit the bill, and how can you style it so our Nordic friends would be proud?

Crafted from 100% Belgian flax linen, a plant-derived fibre, the textured spots only add to the inviting offering. In a rich taupe, it’s the perfect neutral. Pair with Abbotson sheeting in a colour at the other end of the spectrum, carbon.

As for the wooden tones? If your floors are carpeted, you could always look for a wooden bedhead or a rattan option. After something simpler (or just smaller)? You could try a leaning ladder shelf crafted from wood, or a bedside table — in timeless, yet sturdy designs. 

As for natural light, if you don’t have too much after you open your curtains, try soft yellow light bulbs or even a candle or two. 

polka dot monochrome black white spot pattern hemp cotton quilt coverpolka dot monochrome black white spot pattern hemp cotton quilt cover

#3: Play with Adventurous Pattern

So you’ve incorporated spotted bedding into your bedroom, but now you want to up the ante. Or perhaps you’ve been loyal to matching bedding for some time, and are looking for the missing piece of the puzzle to make your bed feel refreshed without getting a whole new bedding set.

It’s time to mix patterns on your bed — something we’ve spoken about before. And for Esra, we’re going with the old favourite of different patterns, similar palette.

As Esra’s geometric spots are very attention-grabbing, it’s best to go for something smaller to introduce a second pattern into a room. A pillowcase pair, perhaps, or even a throw. For an adventurous combination, mix a polka dot print with a plaid — like Briones. Also monochromatic, combining its Prince of Wales check with dots makes for playful yet sophisticated layering. 

2 years ago