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A Guide to Your Ultimate Summer Staycation

A balcony looking out to grassy hills. In the foreground is a pool and a daybed underneath a palm treeA balcony looking out to grassy hills. In the foreground is a pool and a daybed underneath a palm tree

When was the last time you went on holiday? And we don’t just mean a few days off here and there, we’re talking about the sort of break where you can get away from the daily to-do lists, switch off and relax. Whether it’s been years, months, or even days, we wouldn’t mind betting you’re already dreaming of the next one. As the days get warmer and summer sets in, we find ourselves dreaming more and more about getting away for a little R&R. Not only do holidays allow us dedicated time for some fun and relaxation, but taking time to decompress is essential for our mental and physical well-being. Giving us time to prioritise quality rest and good sleep, and avoid feelings of burnout and fatigue.

You know what’s not quite as relaxing as being on holiday? The planning. Between booking accommodation, searching for the best deals and, of course, working out how to transport yourself to your destination of choice, it’s easy to feel like holiday planning is only adding more to your workload. If you ever find yourself in need of a break, but adverse to the logistical side of holidaying, we might just have the solution for you — a staycation.

Planning a staycation means there’s no need for plane tickets or long-haul drives, no more packing lists and second-guessing if you forgot your toothbrush. All you need is your humble abode. To elevate your experience and help you on your way to resort-worthy relaxation at home, we’ve put together a list of simple ideas for your perfect staycation.

An ivy vine growing down a sandstone wallAn ivy vine growing down a sandstone wall

Idea #1: Transform Your Backyard into a Serene Retreat

Although we all love a good day spent lazing on the lounge, an important element of a successful staycation is bringing some variety into your days. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply switch up the space you’re in. If you have a backyard (or any outdoor space will do, balconies included), this one’s for you.

Start by setting up a comfy outdoor area to relax in. Cushions and throws will go a long way to enhancing your outdoor space and bringing that resort vibe to your staycation set-up. Start by laying down a blanket or throw as your base — we love our Oceanica Beach Throw for this, with its wide-width design that gives you ample space to sprawl out on. Next, scatter some plush cushions around the space; the more the merrier. Layers of cushions will provide you with a comfy place to lounge around and bring a luxuriously cosy look to your space. Don’t be surprised if you’re already the envy of your neighbours at this point.

Now that you’ve got the base down, think about what you’ll need while you bask in your new comfy cabana. Maybe you can sit back with a good book, or listen to some music on a Bluetooth speaker (why not curate a summer playlist to really set the mood?). If you’re lounging poolside, it’s time to bring out your plushest beach towels. And as always when it comes to fun in the sun, don’t forget ample hydration and SPF — there’s nothing tranquil about sunburn or dehydration.

A wicker chair in the middle of a bathroom. On top is a stack of folded towels.A wicker chair in the middle of a bathroom. On top is a stack of folded towels.

Idea #2: Create a Spa Experience At Home

When we think about ways to relax, few things come to mind as quickly as a spa day. With a little bit of finessing, your daily routine can feel as tranquil as a five-star day spa.

Start by setting up your space. Clear away any excess clutter and assemble your pampering treatments of choice. This might be a face mask or hair treatment — whatever takes your fancy. Gather some fresh, fluffy bath towels and fold them up nice and neatly to really set the scene. Having everything laid out and ready will help to create an effortless experience. To add to the ambience, bring in some greenery and light some scented candles to infuse your space with some gentle aromas. Bonus points if you incorporate some calming music.

Whether you’re partial to a refreshing shower or a luxurious bath, try introducing some essential oils or Epsom salts to relax your muscles and help you drift right into the relaxation zone. After you’ve dried off, slip into a plush bathrobe and treat yourself to some well-deserved skincare.

A young woman sits on a bench, leaning back against a wall. She's wearing a matching yellow pant and shirt set over a bikini.A young woman sits on a bench, leaning back against a wall. She's wearing a matching yellow pant and shirt set over a bikini.

Idea #3: Dress the Part

When you’re relaxing at home, we know it’s tempting to stay in your pyjamas 24/7 — but hear us out. Dressing up in the morning and down in the evening is a small but important step in feeling ready to take on the day, and wind down at night.

The best part? You set the dress code. If you’re not all that keen on the thought of wearing denim jeans to relax around the house, it’s time to break out the weekend wear. After all, we are on holiday. We recommend going for breezy fabrics and relaxed silhouettes, so you can move about freely without feeling restricted. For an outfit that looks luxe and feels comfy, a matching set like the Piper Pant and Shirt is basically a styling cheat code. Or if separates aren’t your jam, look to the relaxed refinement of the Sloane Dress.

A table dressed with Sheridan table linen. Plates of food and a bottle of olive oil sit on top.A table dressed with Sheridan table linen. Plates of food and a bottle of olive oil sit on top.

Idea #4: Dine Alfresco

If you ask us, a mark of any successful holiday is the dining. Exploring new cuisines, finding insta-worthy restaurants — there’s just something about the warm fuzzy feeling of sharing a good meal with good company. Which is exactly why we’re going to try and recreate some of that magic at home.

If you live with family or housemates, enlist their help with preparing the meal, or have a couple of guests come over early to lend a hand with the set-up. When it comes to the menu, go for something tasty and simple, like a barbecue or a one-pot meal that won’t require too much juggling in the kitchen. If you want to dine buffet-style, ask each of your guests to bring a dish with them. Remember, this is about the dining, not the prepping.

Once you have the menu and the guest list sorted, it’s time to set the scene. To elevate your dining table and give it that restaurant feel, you can’t forget table linen. Start by laying down a tablecloth and napkins — remember to keep it relaxed and not too fussy. For a stylish table setting with a bit of fun, we love mixing and matching patterns like stripes with pops of colour.

For added ambience, forget the overhead lighting and go for softer options like candles, lamps or string lights instead. Curate the mood with some music in the background, and before you know it, you’ll feel like you’re dining at your new favourite restaurant.

The beauty of a staycation? There’s no booking in advance. If you find yourself in need of a break, any weekend can transform into a mini holiday at home. Never underestimate the importance of slowing down and giving yourself a little bit of TLC.

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