Quick Guide to Sheet Care

Offering both protection and comfort, flat sheets and fitted sheets lie closest to your skin — so it’s important to take care of them correctly.


For easy care, Sheridan’s bed linen can be machine washed and tumble dried. Sheets feel best when laundered every week. To reduce wear, alternate your sheets with a fresh set between washes.

Always check the care label for specific care instructions. In general, however, bed linen should be separated from towels and clothing, and washed using a warm gentle cycle at 40 degrees. Sheets launder better when they’re not overcrowded; make sure they have plenty of room and water in the machine.

Avoid bleach and peroxide. Optical brighteners can be safely used on whites but may cause colours to fade or become patchy.

Non-biological laundry detergents are recommended — biological detergents contain enzymes that can be too harsh on certain fabrics and may aggravate skin conditions.


If possible, line dry your sheets. If tumble drying, follow the specific instructions on the care label; dry in small loads on a low to medium setting. Do not overdry, and remove promptly to reduce creasing.


If properly dried, your Sheridan sheets will show minimal creasing. However, if you wish to iron them, it’s best to do so while they’re still slightly damp and on the reverse side. If they have completely dried, re-damp them with a water spray.

General tips

From the best way to wash sheets to how frequently, here’s advice straight from Sheridan experts.


If you’ve ever wondered “How often should I wash my sheets?”, it’s recommended to wash your sheets once a week — for optimal hygiene and freshness. If that’s not possible, aim for at least once every two weeks.


Rotate your fitted sheet 180° each time you use it, so wear is evenly distributed across its face. This will increase the longevity of your fitted sheet.

Line Drying

Did you know that the sun acts as a natural antibacterial agent? This is why we encourage line drying where possible and as advised by your care tag.

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