6 Tips For Styling Cushions

Perfectly placed cushions can take a room from good to great, but with endless colours, textures and shapes; choosing the perfect combination can be a little challenging. We’ve gathered a few simple tips that will have you styling like a pro in no time.

Layer different textures

Texture is the perfect way to add interest to any space. Style light textures in summer and add warmth to your look in winter with cosy textures like velvet, knits and faux fur. Don’t be afraid to explore lots of colour and texture combinations. 


Experiment with colour

If your living room or bedroom is styled in a neutral colour scheme, a bold pop of colour will add depth and allow you to change your look easily each season. You can also include a statement cushion with a pattern or print that coordinates with your chosen colour scheme.

Vary shapes and sizes

Having a few different sized cushions on the couch or bed will help to create a more inviting look. Make your space welcoming with a mix of European, square and breakfast cushions. 


Style according to focal colours

Deciding on a cushion colour scheme can be simple if you start by identifying a focal colour in the room. This could be a colour in a piece of furniture or in an artwork. This tip will help to keep a cohesive look and will allow your cushions to work with the room.

Create visual texture 

Visual texture can be achieved through a subtle shine created by fabrics like silk or velvet, or with metallic or embellished finishes. If your space is quite neutral, a hint of shine will create a chic look.


Master the ‘lived-in’ stack 

To master the art of the cushion stack, you’ll need to be in touch with the space you’re styling. There’s no one stack to suit every couch. Be unconventional, stack, stagger and karate chop until your heart’s content. 

9 months ago