Building a Better World

Does your kid want to grow up protecting the planet? They can start right now, with our handy tips to get them started.

Here are some small ways your child can start caring for the planet.


1. listen to our audiobook: ‘dreams can change the world’

To coincide with the launch of our Sheridan Kids Collection, we created an audiobook for kids, by kids. In consultation with Planet Ark, it touches upon issues of climate and waste and is underpinned with a message of how dreams can change the world. Planet Ark sees value in the environmental messages highlighted in the audiobook, Dreams Can Change The World, and encourages teachers and parents to download it for kids.

As a company on a sustainability journey, we’re always looking for ways to make tomorrow beautiful — which is why we’re proud to work with Planet Ark.

2. learn how to re-use products

The quilt covers from our Sheridan Kids Collection come packaged in a reusable cotton tote bag. These can be used for adventures, on picnics, for collecting shells at the beach, as a library bag.

But they aren’t the only products with a multipurpose use — anything can be reused, and you can educate your child as to how. Have you used up a candle and are left with the glass vessel? Use them to hold coloured pencils and textas, or as a vase for flowers.

Had packages delivered in a cardboard box? Add some paper plates and a touch of paint, and you’ve got a car. Stack it on top of something: a fort. Draw on it, make a treasure map.

If you have sheets that are looking a little frayed? Use it as a drop sheet, catching paints from arts and crafts. Cut out eyeholes, and you’ve got a ghost costume for Halloween.




3. read up on recycling

It’s never too early to let your kids know about the importance of recycling. You can encourage this mindset with your children by starting now. Our stores accept all types of bedlinen through our in-store textile Recycling Program — teach your kids the next steps after donating. Did you know they can get repurposed into new products, used by other industries, or even be used as bedding at animal shelters?



4. understand recycling symbols

Planet Ark has a recycling information program in place, called the Australasian Recycling Label. 98% of our products across all Boutique and Outlet stores bear this label, and it’s a great thing for your child to know about as they grow up. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what all those symbols mean, and what goes in what bin — or what needs to be returned to the grocery store — this is what will help you, and your children.





5. take part in the schools recycle right challenge

As part of our work with Planet Ark, Sheridan is proud to announce it is an Official Sponsor of the Schools Recycle Right Challenge. An annual event, the initiative offers a wide range of recycling themed activities, lesson plans and events ideas that have been developed specifically for Australian schools.