Valentine's Day with Steve Cordony and Michael Booth


There’s really no one measure of success in a relationship. However, a 10-year anniversary is certainly something to celebrate. March 2020 marks a decade of love for top Sydney interior stylist, Steve Cordony and his partner, Michael Booth. While the Sydney power couple aren’t ones to fall into the clichés of Valentine’s Day, they’re willing to make an exception this year and bask in the success of their long-standing relationship. 

We sat down with Steve and Michael in their Tamarama home; a humble city apartment, unsurprisingly styled to the nines by Steve himself with our AW20 Collection. We felt inspired by the space, but the couple swears the apartment is simply a side hustle for mid-week workdays, second only to their dream home- a seven-bedroom country style property in Orange that the two are currently renovating.

Steve and Michael live an adventure-filled life, and while one would assume their dreams for the future are career driven, their main goal is one that signifies love in its truest form- to live a simpler life together, away from the hustle and bustle. The drought created a minor setback for the two, but when the time is right, they’ll pack their bags and escape to 'the farm' for good.




Let’s turn back the clock 10 years to the moment Steve and Michael met for the first time at a mutual friend’s art exhibition. 

M: We only talked briefly, and in the modern world as you do afterwards, I sent him a Facebook note and invited him over for dinner. On the second date he bought his best friend to check me out and make sure I wasn't a psycho. I then figured, hey, this guy is serious!


Not ones to sugar coat life’s hiccups, Steve and Michael admit to some challenges early on in the relationship, which they now look back on in laughter. 

M: After a year Steve moved in with me, he was still living at home. 

S: Like a good Italian boy!

M: We had some teething problems at first! I was used to living out of home and coming and going as I pleased, never having to explain my whereabouts to anyone. Steve comes from an Italian family where there's always people around, so this wasn’t something he was familiar with. I remember coming home from the gym one morning (I get up really early, Steve doesn't!) and I remember looking up and seeing him on the terrace with steam coming out of his ears and he was just like - "where have you been, I’ve been waiting!”

Of course, it takes a little while before you come into sync. 

S: And here we are, 10 years later!



When it comes to renovating their Orange home, Steve has designated himself as the creative director, while Michael is destined to leave his corporate life to take on the role as full-time farmer. What’s clear is that both men are pouring their heart and soul into the property. 

S: At the farm we have this very distinct rule and line in the sand, which is - Michael does the outside and I do the inside. It's very clear.

M: Yes, it's very clear... but sometimes you venture over the line. It’s quite hilarious really, he’ll just walk over and be like - why are you doing that? Then he’ll just walk off... (laughs).


  The Corlette quilt cover collection styled with the Mayberry bed cover in midnight, Hotel Luxury 1000TC sheet set in soft blue, Elbury cushion in tabac, Palmers Bay cushion in camel & Westin cushion in juniper


It's more about the lifestyle here, we're close to the beach and the cafes up the road. We have no TV and it's just a space to have some private chill time. 



S: "With this apartment, we moved in so quickly and there was a lot going on, so it wasn't our primary focus. Michael actually grabbed most of the furniture and then I styled it, so it was definitely a team effort. 

It's just simple, beachy, contemporary and lighter than the farm. It's more about the lifestyle here, we're close to the beach and the cafes up the road. We have no TV and it's just a space to have some private chill time, which is nice."


The Ultimate Indulgence towel in sea blue


Steve jokingly proclaims that everyday should be Valentine’s Day, and while they’ll likely avoid the flowers and fancy dinner this year, date night isn’t cancelled completely. 

M: Steve generally hates Valentine's Day, in the sense that he loves to do something, but he hates doing something cliché. We usually just make dinner or go to the beach, take some food down and have a picnic. 

S: We've also got Michael's birthday, then we've got our anniversary, so we've got a few things happening this year that we'll celebrate. We’ll do a week away or something, whether it’s overseas or just a little trip somewhere. The farm will be getting towards the end of the renovation before stage two begins, so it'll be nice to just have a little break. 


 The Oakden throw


Lastly, we asked Steve and Michael to describe each other in one word.

S: I always say the same thing, which is caring.

M: Loving… or honourable (we’ll let him off with two, just this once).





4 years ago