Sydney Opera House x Sheridan

Sydney Opera House x Sheridan Sydney Opera House x Sheridan

A Creative Collaboration

Sheridan’s collaboration with the Sydney Opera House was designed to celebrate many aspects of the iconic building, from elements of the architecture to the natural surrounds.

The designs were inspired by the immersive experience Sheridan’s design team had, including insights into the construction of the venue, the details and materials within each of the spaces,
and creatives who contributed to the creation of the Sydney Opera House. Sheridan’s design team toured rehearsal rooms, theatres, halls and behind the scenes spaces,
along with viewing the building in its geographical context, learning how performances are tailored and chosen to work inside and out.

The artwork and designs celebrate many dimensions of the structure, from quilting and matelassé techniques – celebrating tactile aspects – through to gestural line work,
representing the movement, energy and creativity the Sydney Opera House’s programme captures night and day. It was important to Sheridan’s design team that this collaboration celebrate the energy,
evolution and less tangible aspects of such a famous landmark.

Behind the Designs

Learn about the inspiration and creation of the collection.

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