Break The Bias with Six Successful Women Creatives
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International Women’s Day: Break The Bias with Six Successful Women Creatives

International Women’s Day. Held on the 8th of March every year, it’s a day to reflect on progress made to gender equality and celebrate and uphold women’s achievements. And this year, there’s a mission to celebrate the work of women creatives, and elevate their visibility. 

It’s a mission we choose to accept. Not only daily with the work we do at Sheridan, but highlighting incredible, creative women on Sheridan Life.

Like editors of publications we admire, Nicole Ray at Minty and Lucy Feagins at The Design Files, to a Director with film production company Collider, Suzanne Kim. Women in the homewares industry like interior designer Alexandra Kidd, interior stylist Megan Morton, and our own Head of Innovation & Product, Joanna Ross. 

Discussing creative paths and careers, what being a woman means to them, and how to move forward and break the bias — the theme of this year’s international women’s day

At the same time, this day is about recognising challenges in achieving gender parity, and calling for change — how we can, collectively, break the bias

A pretty apt theme for Australia today. Slipping from a rank of 15th in 2006, to 35th in 2017, our nation is now ranked 50th on a global index measuring gender equality. The national gender pay gap sits at 13.8%; only 6% of Australia’s top ASX300 companies have female CEOs. 

Focusing on how gender bias — whether deliberate or unconscious — makes it difficult for women to move ahead, the IWD 2022 theme talks about how knowing that bias exists isn’t enough, and that action is needed to level the playing field. And one way we can help forge a gender-equal world?

By speaking to the six women we highlighted, all leaders in their respective fields, for International Women’s Day — and sharing their thoughts, experiences, reflections and more with you. Six competent, confident, articulate, level-headed, logical women (yes, we purposely chose to use adjectives more commonly seen applied to male leaders). 

And for our shoot with these women, both the photographer and hair & makeup artists were women — as is the writer.

Read more about these assertive, ambitious, creative women below.

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