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4 Eco Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

Cold weather habits are likely to cause an increase in energy consumption, which can take its toll on the environment. Discover our top tips for being more eco-friendly in your approach to keeping warm at home this winter. ...

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Inside Lilypad Palm Beach with Chuck Anderson

There's more to this floating villa than meets the eye. Discover more about the birth of this marvel and take a sneak peek inside as we chat to the mastermind behind it all, Chuck Anderson....

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12 Mar 2020
In Conversation with StreetSmart Founder Adam Robinson

Sheridan Life chats to StreetSmart Founder Adam Robinson to learn more about the homeless crisis in Australia and how we can make an impact on a local level. ...

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At Home With Mikhara Ramsing

See inside Mikhara Ramsing's 'tiny home'- that she built herself! We visited Mikhara to celebrate her achievements and learn more about her fight for equality. ...

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26 Feb 2020
Sustainable Living with Anika Molesworth

As part of our sustainability journey, we strive to learn from leaders in order to educate ourselves on the most efficient ways of moving forward. Anika Molesworth is a powerful and passionate advocate for sustainable farming. We're inspir...

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24 Feb 2020
SleepSafe Works With LBGTI Community

Through the SleepSafe initiative, Sheridan and StreetSmart are fighting to put an end to homelessness. This week in light of it Mardi Gras, we talk to two organisations who work specifically with the LGBTI community. ...

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13 Nov 2019
5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle

It's National Recycling Week and it’s time to shift our focus on to the environmental benefits of recycling. Learn more about what can be recycled in your home....

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The Sheridan Recycling Program

As part of Sheridan’s responsibility to the environment and our commitment to setting the industry standard for textile waste reduction, there is now a recycling collection point in all Sheridan Boutique, Studio and Outlet stores....

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25 Oct 2019
Inspired Living With Kelley Sheenan

We step inside the home of Peppermint Magazine's, Kelley Sheenan. The founder of the sustainable style publication talks to us about her sustainability journey and how we can try to make less of an impact on the planet. ...

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18 Oct 2019
Our Community Partners: Gabbies Sewing Angels

The community group with a global reach. Gabbies Sewing Angels is a non-profit organisation that creates clothing and basic necessities for communities in need, using Sheridan's fabric offcuts....

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17 Oct 2019
At Home With Tim Silverwood

The environmentalist and co-founder of Take 3 For The Sea, gives us insight into how we can all become leaders on our own sustainability journeys. ...

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16 Oct 2019
Our Community Partners: Minton Farm

Learn about our partnership with Minton Farm and how we're supporting their admirable rescue and rehabilitation efforts, whilst diverting textile waste from landfill....

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