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How to Plan Your Perfect Night in, in Our Best Loungewear Sets

close up white woman jersey navy robe with dark jersey t shirtclose up white woman jersey navy robe with dark jersey t shirt

Wearing loungewear — or even pyjamas, if you’re bold enough — out of the house is a pretty established fashion trend by now. But sometimes, and especially when there’s just a hint of cold weather, nothing beats staying in.

But just because you don’t have big plans for the evening, doesn’t mean you have to have no plans at all. So whether it’s a night on your own, with a partner or pals, we’ve got exactly what you do need for the perfect night in (no food-stained, oversized shirts and socks with holes in them here!). 

From activities to keep you entertained, the ultimate offerings to help you rest and relax properly, and the best loungewear sets to keep you comfortable and looking (and feeling) good the whole night through — discover perfect night in ideas, right here

photo set white woman wearing navy loungewear set long jersey pant long sleeve topphoto set white woman wearing navy loungewear set long jersey pant long sleeve top

#1: Order In

Whether a treat for yourself or for a romantic date held at home, one thing you can’t go wrong with when it comes to planning your perfect night in, is the meal. Support a local business near you, or treat yourself to the takeaway menu of a decadent restaurant you’ve been dreaming of for months on end. 

Best paired with: Tansia Pants Pants & Tideway Long-Sleeve Shirt in carbon. Dark enough for any food spills not to stain.


#2: Host a Potluck

Fancy yourself — and your friends — as budding chefs? For dinner, this time it’s the other end of the spectrum, with a potluck. Or, as us Aussies call it, “bring a plate”. This is one that will need some planning in advance, lest everyone brings the same plate. So if you’re looking for one tip to make this the perfect night in idea — assign food categories ahead of time (ie. entrees, salads, mains, pasta dishes, desserts etc.)

Best paired with: Tansia Pants & Mattia T-Shirt. For the same reasons as above, but short sleeves mean you don't have any fabric getting in the way while you cook.

white woman walking navy striped turkish cotton robe loosewhite woman walking navy striped turkish cotton robe loose

#3: Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Experience

This is another great date idea (that we recommended for Valentine’s Day) but also works with friends or if you’re flying solo. For this perfect night in routine, get the right Spotify playlist playing, a homemade facemask slathered on, and lie back in a bubble bath — or stand under the steamy spray from your showerhead.

Best paired with: Chiswick Robe & Chiswick Towel Collection. Because what’s more relaxing than being wrapped in Turkish cotton?


#4: Watch a Movie

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. But instead of the endless scrolling on streaming sites to see what you can find, challenge yourself to a genre you wouldn’t normally go for. Action, Golden Age, romance, comedy, Bollywood, a documentary. You might surprise yourself!

As for what you need for this perfect night in? A cosy blanket, plus popcorn, chocolate, lollies — whatever you used to be able to pick up at VHS & DVD rental stores…remember those?

Best paired with: Ardour Robe & Averie Slippers. A robe that doubles as a cardigan, and comfort for your cold feet.

photo set white woman model green striped turkish cotton robe standing sitting tiephoto set white woman model green striped turkish cotton robe standing sitting tie

#5: Get an Early Night’s Sleep

If you’re looking to perfect your long-term routine for the perfect night in, then this is the one for you. As our Real Deep Sleep campaign showed, 56% of us aren’t getting enough sleep, so there’s no time like the present to start. We’ve even got tips on how to get better sleep from a professional. 

Best paired with: Lanham Silk Eye Mask & Pillowcase. Block out the light and experience the luxury of silk, all in one.

close up black woman braided hair white silk eyemask over eyesclose up black woman braided hair white silk eyemask over eyes

#6: Go Offline

Switch off the TV, shut down your computer and put your phone away — it’s time to entertain yourself like people did in the olden days…like all the way back in 1989, prior to Australia first joining the global internet. How far we’ve come.

You can pull out the old puzzle you definitely bought and never finished during lockdown, an adult colouring book or two, or that book that’s been sitting on your ‘to-be read’ list for over a year (or more) now. The perfect night in plan for a bookworm or introvert.

Best paired with: One of our best loungewear sets…or nothing at all. Who will know, when you’re offline? 

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