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There’s a good chance you’ve heard CXLOE’s awe-inspiring vocals on the radio or a Spotify playlist. After the launch of her first EP in 2020, the promising indie singer/songwriter is making a name for herself in the Australian music industry. 

CXLOE appeared in our campaign, ‘Where Dreams are Made’, expressing how her bedroom plays an integral part in her creative process and in realising her dreams. We can’t wait to see where CXLOE’s dreams take her, and in the meantime, we’ll be playing her EP ‘Heavy, Pt. 1’, on repeat.


How did it feel releasing your debut EP late last year? 

It was a mixture of feelings! It was scary, exciting and therapeutic. I never imagined releasing my first body of work during a pandemic, so it was quite scary doing it during this time, but it also felt like the right time as people needed music more than ever. I had been working on this project for a while so it felt very freeing to finally get it out in the world.


What’s in the pipeline for 2021?

I will be touring the EP around Australia in May! I didn’t get to tour the EP last year due to covid so I’m finally getting to next month. Oh, and loads more music! 


What’s your approach to home styling?

Because I don’t necessarily have an ‘office’ that I work out of, I need to make sure my home and bedroom is styled in a way that I feel creative and productive. This usually looks minimalist, because if I have too much clutter around I‘ll get distracted and never get to the task at hand...which is writing music!



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