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Layering Pattern

Time to experiment with your bedding design? Sibella Court guides us out of our comfort zone and uncovers the secrets to styling artisan prints. ...

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Refined Luxury

Sibella Court invites us to view luxury through a new lens. Learn to style our deluxe collections in a new and unexpected way. ...

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Curating Winter Style

Discover simple ways to create a cosy yet contemporary winter bed with Australian stylist, Sibella Court. ...

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Styling Sheridan With Sibella Court

Explore our video series with highly esteemed stylist Sibella Court. From creating a cosy winter bed, to layering prints and achieving a refined luxury look; Sibella's signature style and expert advice will inspire your styling for the sea...

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29 Apr 2020
5 Books To Read While Curled Up In Bed

Nothing beats fresh sheets, a cup of tea and a good book. The Sheridan team put together their favourite reads for you to enjoy while you take a moment for yourself....

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Living With Abbotson

Are you as obsessed with linen as we are? Discover a variety of ways to style our Abbotson linen collection and check out how our favourite influencers are styling it in their bedrooms....

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17 Apr 2020
Winter Trends For Your Home

We can’t wait for crisp mornings, cosy nights and a new opportunity to transform our interiors. Explore the top trends for the coming winter season....

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Find the towel collection to suit your lifestyle

Find out which Sheridan collection is best suited to your lifestyle and discover what a quality towel can do for you. Never underestimate the power of the perfect towel!...

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The Journey Behind Tabac

Tabac is a colour that resonates with the beauty around us. More than just a colour trend, tabac tells the story of a journey travelled by the Sheridan Design Team. ...

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Inside Lilypad Palm Beach with Chuck Anderson

There's more to this floating villa than meets the eye. Discover more about the birth of this marvel and take a sneak peek inside as we chat to the mastermind behind it all, Chuck Anderson....

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7 Apr 2020
The Best Ways To Wind Down Before Bed

Whether it’s been an exciting, stressful, long or lazy day; winding down before bed is important every night of the week. Our sleep expert, Dr. Happy, lists the best techniques to help you calm down before bed....

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2 Apr 2020
Finding Comfort In The Finer Things

How can you create a space you love to spend time in? Discover our list of essentials that will help you conjure up a sense of luxury escapism, without having to leave your home....

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