Three beds side-by-side, dressed in Bayley quilt cover sets in white, deep sea and rose

The 7 Best Bed Linen Colour Combos for Summer

Here’s how to coordinate bedding colours for the season.

photo of styled table. ticking stripe linen table cloth with assorted coloured linen napkins, plates of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish sit on top

How to Style Your Summer Entertaining

Create a tablescape that’s perfect for the ‘gram — yours and your friends.

A model leaning back against a brown clay wall, wearing a yellow and white loungewear set

What's Your Summer Style?

From bold statements to elevated essentials. Breezy seasonal styling, your way.

A balcony looking out to grassy hills. In the foreground is a pool and a daybed underneath a palm tree

A Guide to Your Ultimate Summer Staycation

The luxury of a beachside resort, with all the comforts of home.

Two young kids wearing Sheridan beach ponchos, sitting beside each other and smiling

Ideas for Fun in the Sun This Summer

After some inspiration for summer days with young ones? We’ve got you covered.

Close-up image of a bed with a quilted mattress protector and pillow protector

A Complete Guide to Washing Your Mattress Protector

How to take care of your mattress protector, so it can take care of you.

A close-up of a green striped bed. On top sits matching pillows and two accent cushions. Next to the bed is a wooden side table with a vase of dried flowers and a cup of tea.

Three Ways to Style Striped Bedding

Contemporary or classic, here’s how to style stripes.

A yellow bed sitting in a neutral bedroom

Finding Bedroom Colour Schemes That Work

Want to experiment with colour but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

A young person laying in a plush green bed with floral and stripe bedding

Green Bedroom Ideas for a Lush Retreat

Make every day feel like spring has sprung, with this season’s favourite shade.

A young person rests in a bed, featuring contrast striped and geometric sheets

3 Tips for Mixing Patterns in Your Bedroom

From how to mix and match patterns, to playing with scale and experimenting with colourways.

A bedroom with white walls, sheer fabric curtains and timber floors. An all-white bed sits in the middle on top of a grey rug. To the left is a marble fireplace and to the right is a tall lamp.

In the Clouds: Contemporary Bedroom Styling

How to take white bedding to the next level, with Thena.

A folded stack of sheets in neutral colours sits on top of a wooden bench, in front of a wooden wall. A small glass vessel sits beside it.

The 4 Secrets to Choosing the Right Sheets

Discover everything you need to know about buying sheets.

A white bed with brown stripes next to a wicker chair and timber bedside table in a room with beige concrete walls and flooring

Styling a Neutral Bed

Transform your bedroom into a neutral nirvana.

A pile of folded sheets and towels being passed from one set of hands to another

Celebrating Four Years of SleepSafe

A look back at four years of SleepSafe, our homelessness initiative.

A woman in front of a tall window opening flowing, white curtains. Next to her is a bed with a floral quilt cover.

Styling a European Summer Inspired Bedroom

No plane tickets, no worries. Here’s how to create your own summer escape at home.

Two hands cupped together holding a bundle of raw cotton fibres

Why We Love Australian Cotton

The comforts of home, and much more. 

Navy towels draped over a timber side table, next to a glass of water and a bar of soap. A rustic timber bathtub in the background.

How to Take a Luxurious Bath — a Step-by-Step Guide

Take the first step on your wellness journey with these relaxing bath ideas at home.

Young man and woman stand in front of a brown painted wall, both wearing stylish linen robes.

Our Guide To Your Best Bathrobe

Slip into something more comfortable — with a bathrobe that's best suited to you.

Bed with scalloped fabric headboard and coral pink sheets sits in front of a white wall. There is a bench at the foot of the bed with two pink pillows sitting on top, and a white lamp shade hanging from the ceiling.

Colour Crush: Styling Coral Pink at Home

Here’s how to style the hottest colour of the moment.

What is soft utility. Neutral coloured bed with grey striped sheets, scalloped fabric bed head and green floral cushions and pillows.

How to Style the Soft Utility Trend

Unexpected trend pairings are on the rise — here’s how to style one of our favourites.

relaxing bedroom ideas three flowers in vase with landscape seen from window behind

Ideas to Create a Relaxing Bedroom

Eight easy steps, that won’t leave you stressed.

winter sheet material. styled shot of sheridan jennings flannelette quilt cover set, checked design.

Why You Need Flannelette Sheets For Winter

Set to keep you cosy all winter long.

close up shot of pink linen bed with khaki striped linen decorate

Live in Linen: 8 Reasons You Need Linen in Your Life

Belgian flax linen is, indeed, that good.

close up of styling cushions. layered floral cushion, textured shag cushion and velvet cushion stack.

6 Tips For Styling Cushions

Discover the secrets to styling cushions like a pro, in your bedroom and living room.

close up shot of blonde woman wearing striped cotton dressing gown, holding a cup of tea with her hands clasped around in. her nails are painted pink.

Self-Care Tips to do at Home

With this guide, it’s easy to practice self care at home.

how to elevate your travel game. open carry on suitcase with comfortable travel outfits and accessories folded in or on top.

A Foolproof Guide to Up Your Travel Game

Master comfort in sky, sea or land.

white woman wear white and navy striped towel around her shoulders

7 Ways to Style Towels in Your Bathroom Like a Pro

Fuss-free ways to have your bathroom towels looking good.

How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter

How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter

From clothing to bedding, our friends at Red Nose are here to help.

Tips for Transitioning Your Kid to a Big Kids Bed, photo of the corner of a kids bedroom, a bed with floral sheets next to a pink table with a pink lamp and open books.

10 Tips for Transitioning Your Kid to a Big Kids Bed

Learn how and when to help your little one make their big move.

Our Considered Fibre Series: Leftover Cotton Yarn

Our Considered Fibre Series: Leftover Cotton Yarn

Meet leftover cotton yarn: a solution that diverts waste.

Our Considered Fibre Series: Recycled Polyester

Our Considered Fibre Series: Recycled Polyester

Meet recycled polyester: helping reclaim plastic waste from recycled plastic bottles

Our Considered Fibre Series: Linen

Our Considered Fibre Series: Linen

Meet linen: crafted from fibres derived from the flax plant.

Consciously Crafted: Our Considered Fibres

Consciously Crafted: Our Considered Fibres

An introduction to the considered fibres we use across our business.

Our Considered Fibre Series: TENCEL™ Lyocell

Our Considered Fibre Series: TENCEL™ Lyocell

Meet TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres: deriven from wood pulp, sourced from sustainably managed forests

What is dopamine decorating. multi coloured bed with abstract design, bordered on two sides by different shades of blue.

How to Style a Maximalist Space in Your Home

Dopamine dressing or an over-the-top extravaganza.

white woman wears multicoloured anthe robe, and leans against wall staring out window.

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Mum

She deserves the best — and we’re making that easier.

winter bedding. stacked, rolled, folded quilts on a wooden bench, in a white room.

The Best Bedding to Keep You Warm in Winter

Explore our simple guide to updating your bedding for cooler temperatures.

what do you need for a comfortable bed. close up shot of woven baskets and quilts stacked on wooden shelving.

What You Need for a Comfortable Bed

Here’s how to make your bed cosy (and fluffy, if you want).

modern dark bedroom ideas. close up shot of styled cushions, in navy, blue and black, with pops of orange-red.
two little girls wearing tessy ponchos walk away from the camera holding hands. they have bags over their shoulder, like they're going to the beach.

The Packing List Essentials For Family Holidays

Get on the road (or in the air) at your original time, thanks to this family holiday packing list.

guest bedroom ideas, close up of smoke green quilt cover and pillowcases, with grey sheets. cream wall in background.

Styling Your Guest Bedroom

Five steps to guest bedroom styling, no matter the size of the space.

Tips for better sleep, calming image with white curtain, marble floor and roof, overlooking serene water with pink clouds and falling jacaranda.

10 Tips for a Better Sleep

Learn how to get better sleep, the au naturale way.

70s inspired bedroom decor, where white woman in green and white striped loungewear sits atop of bed covered in ditsy floral print
overhead shot of abbotson table linen dinner set up. pink and green napkins.

How to Set Up Your Most Stylish Dinner Table

Discover the best table setting ideas for your next dinner party.

woman in striped green and white loungewear set sits on a balcony outside, with wooden wall and wooden floor, and glass railing. she has a view of grassy knoll, leading down to rocky cliff front and ocean.

Three Ways to Wear Loungewear Out of the House

This sleepwear trend of 2023 invites your loungewear sets to be worn outside.

banner in rose pink and green. text inside says valentine's day gift guide.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2023

Looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, her or them? This gift guide has you sorted.

collage of interior design trends 2023, including sunglasses, jade roller, opulent cocktail, fancy vase

2023 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For

From works of art to home spa showers, here are the home decor trends of the year.

close up shot of sheridan sweetheart bed cover

7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (That Aren’t Super Cliché)

Unique things to do for Valentine’s Day 2023 that’ll leave your partner *pleasantly* surprised.

landscape shot of style living room. cream couch with blue blanket, blue striped cushion and brown and cream cushion. plant in background.

How to Do a New Year’s (Spring) Clean for Your Home

New year, new you, new home — well, a home refresh, anyway.

landscape photo of five pillows of various shapes and sizes, stacked in the corner of a room leaning on floor and wall

Everything You Need to Know About Profile Pillows

Pillows should be tailored to your preferred sleeping position.